Livingston man recovering from deadly form of West Nile Virus

LIVINGSTON, LA (WAFB) - A man in the Town of Livingston is the latest to become ill from the West Nile Virus. But the symptoms he described are not all that common.

Fabian Duco III loves the outdoors. His gutter cleaning business requires him to work outside, and when he is not working he enjoys relaxing on the banks of the pond in his backyard.

"I spray a lot of this (insect repellant).  These woods with all kinds of different chemicals just in case, because I have a lot of kids that come over here to fish and I don't want anybody getting sick," Duco said.

Duco said he doesn't go anywhere without a can of insect repellant.

"Every time I go outside I give it a little spray to be on safe side."

So when he woke up with a bad earache a couple of weeks ago, Duco thought a quick trip to his primary care doctor would do the trick. He was not expecting what came next.

"Next thing you know he came back and said I had blood on the brain and my brain was shifted and I started to hallucinate, and I was off to the emergency room."

After a series of tests, Duco first tested positive for viral meningitis, then for West Nile Virus. The combination typically means the West Nile illness is neuroinvasive.

"It was like I just woke up and a couple hours later I was at the hospital. Two or three hours later I was hallucinating."

Since there is no medicine for the virus itself, doctors generally treat the symptoms. Duco said he has experienced some memory loss and that the road to recovery has been rough. But he considers himself lucky.

"I'm just glad to be alive to tell you the truth."

Duco is the 93rd person in Louisiana to test positive for West Nile Virus this year. Six have died from the illness.

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