Officials find another "bubbles on the bayou" site

Water bubbles at one of the previous sites in Grand Bayou.
Water bubbles at one of the previous sites in Grand Bayou.
Sink hole images taken 8.21.12
Sink hole images taken 8.21.12

GRAND BAYOU, LA (WAFB) - Officials said another bubble site has been found near the area of the giant south Louisiana sink hole.

The Assumption Parish Police Jury said it was discovered Monday between two previous sites in Grand Bayou.

A news release classified the bubbling as small and added it will be monitored daily.

A meeting is scheduled for Friday at St. Joseph the Worker Church Hall in Pierre Part at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday is day four of drilling at the observation well near the giant South Louisiana sink hole in Assumption Parish. The company believed to be responsible for the sink hole, Texas Brine, brought members of the news media to examine what they hope will be a good piece of evidence as to what exactly happened at the sink hole 18 days ago.

The observation well is being used to show Louisiana DEQ officials exactly what happened to create the sink hole, or what they call a slurry.

Texas Brine is hooking its wagon to a 140-foot, 10-story drilling rig, and placed just 1,000 feet from the sink hole. The plan is for the well to drill to the salt dome believed to be responsible for the sink hole, and take observations of the dome. Those observations will be sent topside for analysis.

John Boudreaux is tired, he has worked 18 straight days at the staging area in Bayou Corne. Because the drilling will last at least another 40 days, he hopes things will be quiet.

"You have really two different events. You have the drilling, the observation event as they call it, but you have the sink hole and monitoring that and make sure that doesn't expand or move any further," said Boudreaux.

"We've got the casing, they are now drilling into the cap rock which covers the salt dome and I think once they get through that, things may move a little more rapidly," said Sonny Cranch with Texas Brine.

Cap rock is being pulled out of the hold at 486 feet. It is pulverized by the drill bit before being sucked out of the ground. They are drilling 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Texas Brine is hoping they get some answers once the dome is pierced.

"All we want to know is what has happened," said Cranch.

The drilling platform will be drilling for at least another 40 days. Texas Brine says 40 days is an optimistic goal.

Officials said the site of the slurry is still off limits and the cleanup remains halted.

The parish has requested Texas Brine provide a plan for continued cleanup.

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