Game day shirts ask LSU fans to be nice

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU football fans are known for being a bit "passionate." Unfortunately, there are those that see that Tiger Pride as something a little more devious.

An LSU junior is now trying to give fans a better image with a t-shirt promoting "LSU Hospitality."

"We get a little carried away sometimes with our passion," said junior Erin Hart. "If they win, it's our win. If they lose, we're really sad about it."

Over the years, fans have gotten a bad rep for be a little too rowdy. Not wanting her Tigers to be tainted, Hart is asking fans to don a little southern hospitality with their purple and gold.

The English major does a little art work on the side as "Erin Michelle Artworks." When she painted a mural of a fleur-de-lis with tiger eyes for a family friend, her father dubbed the painting "LSU Southern Hospitality."

Friends and family love the painting, and the Harts decided to use it to spread a little good will on game day. After getting the university stamp of approval, they turned the painting into a t-shirt. The Harts started selling them with the hope that fans will remember their roots in southern hospitality.

"Other fans, you want them to go home and say, 'Those LSU fans are really nice. They're intense, but they're nice,'" laughed Hart.

The shirts caught on quickly, even showing up with fans in New York City. Around 500 have sold since November.

The shirts are available at Lagniappe Frame Shoppe and Fleur deSign Studio at 9696 Jefferson Highway. The Harts are also working to have them sold at game day vendors.

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