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Teacher's potty break limits flushed by AZ school


Everyone knows the rules when it comes to living in the Valley during the summer; stay inside, and drink plenty of water.

However, some students at Marshall Ranch Elementary School in the Peoria Unified School District said they also knew the rule when it came to bathroom breaks during one sixth-grade teacher's class, a rule that was short-lived at the school this year.

"She gives this little punch card that gives us four bathroom breaks a quarter," explained seventh-grader Michael Choate.

Choate said he had the same teacher last year with the same policy. After those four strikes, you are out, at least when nature calls.

"We have just recess and those punches (to use the restroom)," Choate said.

A concerned parent sent a picture of the bathroom card to CBS 5 News. It shows that the teacher offered extra credit for unused trips.

"I didn't really like it because sometimes I had to go but I didn't use any of my punches because I needed my extra credit. So I just held it until recess," Choate said.

District officials said the teacher's policy was only in place this year, and now it is gone after a concerned parent notified district officials.

"In this case, it was brought to the principal's attention and it was addressed immediately," said Erin Dunsey, a media specialist for the Peoria Unified School District.

"It was a relatively new teacher at Marshall Ranch Elementary School who was simply trying something new in her classroom," she continued.

District officials also pointed out their policy is to allow any student the opportunity to use the restroom whenever necessary.

The teacher was unavailable for comment.

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