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Baton Rouge family creates board game


It's not every day you meet a grown man who plays children's board games.

Tim Spinosa is used to it. A couple years ago, he quit his teaching job to play with his kids.

"I was playing a lot of board games with them, and having a good time, but we were modifying them more fun and more challenging," said Spinosa.

It started small. A few wooden nickels, a scrap of paper, and index cards. Before he knew it, Tim had created nearly a dozen games.

"Guys, let's go for the American dream.  Let's open our own game company," said Spinosa.

It's taken the Spinosa family about six months to take their first game from the drawing board to the game board. Pass-n-Pens is part hot potato, and part guessing game. Players swap pens and try to predict which color the pen-pal spinner will land on.  A correct guess moves a player closer to victory.

This October, the Spinosas will take their game on the road to the New York Toy Fair where they hope to snare a distributor for their first game.

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