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Sewer leak sends woman to the hospital

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A sewage problem in Baton Rouge has gotten so bad it sent one woman to the hospital and lead to an eviction that is now being battled in court.

Quentin Williams and his family are packed up and moving out of their rental house on Dalton Street. They have no choice. Their landlord, Gerald Charlet, evicted them after Williams said he refused to pay this month's rent.

"You got do do all over the ground, sewage water. I got kids and I don't feel like I should have to pay no rent," Williams explained.

The sludge has accumulated around a separated pipe in the back yard, under the house and has started running into the street.

"We got neighbors around here and everybody complaining about it," Williams said.

Williams' next door neighbor, Latoya Richardson, said the foul odor was starting to get to her. But she said when it directly impacted her health she became extremely concerned with what was causing her driveway to flood.

"I slipped into the water and fell directly down into the sewer side," Richardson said.

Richardson said she recently had surgery on the heel of her left foot to remove a cyst. When she fell, she said she cleaned her wound as best she could but noticed what appeared to be an infection.

"Instead of it closing, it was spreading wider and wider apart," Richardson said.

Richardson said her doctor had to operate to remove a part of her heel before the infection spread to her entire foot. That's when Richardson said she went to her neighbor's landlord at affordable rentals to complain.

Richardson said on July 17 a guy named David Everett left the following voice message on her cell phone:

"This is David Everett, the guy you talked to yesterday in the office about 3842 Dalton, about the sewer leak…I came out and seen where the problem is and I'm going to have a crew there to get it taken care of it for you."

Residents said the problem was never fixed. 9News went to affordable rentals to find out why.  The man who claimed to be David said Affordable Rentals was, in most cases, just the middle man between the landlord and tenant.

When asked about the voicemail he left Richardson, promising to fix the problem, he denied he made the call.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Residents said shortly after 9News left their rental, employees with Affordable Rentals showed up at the house on Dalton Street to look at the sewer line. However, they did not confirm whether they were there to fix the problem.

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