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Ice cream truck driver cited for playing music too loud

(WMC-TV) - An ice cream truck driver is charged with being too loud.

Horn Lake police say the music coming from the ice cream truck violated a city noise ordinance.

It is definitely a familiar sound of summer, but Shirley Carpenter says the noise from the ice cream truck that cruises through her neighborhood on a hot day can be annoying.

"Yeah, it gets your attention. It's a little loud!" she said.

The ice cream man now has to pay a large fine after he was slapped with a $300 ticket.

Horn Lake Police Chief Darryl Whaley says the music violated the town's ordinance.

"Unless there is an exception carved out, we apply the ordinance as it's written. In this particular case that was not the initial reason for that stop. The initial reason was because he was selling in the park and we don't allow that. And those vendors know that," said Horn Lake Police Chief Darryl Whaley.

According to police, the rule states that noise from vehicles cannot travel further than 30 feet from your vehicle. And noise from people's homes or property has to stay within their property.

But some residents agree the ordinance is too strict. And even though Carpenter thinks the ice cream truck music may be annoying, she does not necessarily agree with the citation.

"I don't think it's fair that he was cited for that. Only thing I would tell him to do is turn it down some," she said.

Action News 5 was told the ice cream truck driver works for Frosty Treats Incorporated.

Company President Carl Long released the following statement:

"Frosty Treats apologizes to the city of Horn Lake and is concerned over any violation of any city's ordinance or regulations. We are making contact with the city to make sure in the future that we are aware of and in full compliance with all city laws."

"You got a lot of noise that comes from vehicles that disturb people and the tranquility of their neighborhood," said Chief Whaley.

The noise ordinance has been on the books in Horn Lake since 1998.

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