Viewpoint: July 31, 2012

A new law taking effect Aug. 1 will make it much easier for Louisiana drivers to provide proof of insurance. It will now be legal to provide proof of auto insurance on your smartphone or other electronic device, such as a tablet.

The new law is a nod to the digital age, and while we often report on our state being last or at the bottom of lists, the new law makes Louisiana only the third state in the US to allow for digital proof of insurance.

We applaud the new law and Louisiana stepping to the forefront on a digital issue, but recent statistics indicate it's the lack of insurance, not proof of insurance that is our biggest problem.

The Louisiana State Police estimates as many as one-fourth of Louisiana's drivers do not have the necessary insurance. And, the vast majority of tickets issued for not having proof of insurance go to drivers who do not have the proper coverage.

For those of you who are properly insured, we thank you. For those who aren't, we urge you to get the proper coverage. Lack of insurance not only puts you at risk, it hurts the rest of us as well.

A high percentage of uninsured motorists is a key factor in Louisiana having some of the highest insurance rates in the country.