Father thanks law enforcement with car dedication

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When Ricky Davis was found guilty and given a life sentence in 2007, Neal Hawkins wasn't satisfied with a simple thank you to the countless people who helped convict his son's killer.

Hawkins went a step further.  He built a racing car and dedicated it to the men and women of law enforcement that helped on the case.

"I just wanted to do this in memory of my son and my nephew and bring it out here and show everyone how much we appreciate what they did for us at the D.A.'s office, the ballistics expert, homicide detectives - they did great, they were as good as you could expect," said Neal Hawkins.

The car features that names of those who helped in the case.  It also features photos of his son Cory and the daughter he never knew.

"My granddaughter was born four months after that and I took the pictures on the race car," said Hawkins.

Assistant District Attorney Brandon Fremin worked the case against Davis for the successful conviction.  He says he gets a lot of thank you's following a successful case, but something like this so long after a case is rare indeed.

"It's unusual. It's really special for someone like us and the kind of jobs that we do to get the recognition. We certainly don't ask for it but when you meet good people - and we have - I tell people we meet some of the best people in some of the most unfortunate circumstances," said Fremin.

The car came in sixth place out of 29 in its first race.

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