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Hinds prisoners being moved to Rankin, Madison

RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

One inmate is being blamed for inciting a riot that has left one unit destroyed at the Hinds County Detention Center in Raymond. The uprising began overnight and ended Monday afternoon.

25 year old Kendall Johnson was being held for possession of marijuana and contempt of court. His family says they don't believe he started the uprising and claim he was beaten by deputies.

"If you can envision what Katrina looked like, then that is what Pod C looks like", said Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis.

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis says Pod C where the uprising was contained is completely destroyed. He says it began overnight when inmate, 25 year old Kendall Johnson escaped from guards during a security check and used a fire hose to flood the unit and then began releasing other inmates.

"Well nobody is making particular demands that's what makes us think this guy is a novice. He doesn't know what he wants. They haven't said that they wanted anything, they are just being what I call school knuckle heads", Lewis said.

Law enforcement officers from local, county and state departments from around the metro area were called in to assist with the riot. Sheriff Lewis says they were able to get the inmates under control just after 2 Monday afternoon. Officers surrounded the jail, creating a wall around the unit.

"We are in the process of turning off the water, we have also cut off the air to that particular unit", said Lewis.

This Skycopter 3 video shows inmates being searched and moved to other units. Some ran. This prisoner was brought out in a wheelchair. Pod C holds 183 inmates. Some of the doors had to be cut open to free the inmates after the control boards were destroyed. They have now been transferred to jails in Madison and Rankin County.

"We wanted to make sure before we went in that we had a plan in place, a plan that will keep everyone safe", said Lewis.

Hinds County supervisors met to discuss the riot, relocating the inmates, and repairs to Pod C. They were led on a tour of the destroyed unit along with members of the media Monday evening.

Inside, broken sinks, a 400 thousand dollar control panel shattered, and weapons, like this shank.  The inmates used metal objects pulled from the ceiling and doors.

"The brighter side is we get an opportunity to rebuild. To rebuild it correctly to make sure that when its done right, its done to the highest standards of security", said Hinds County Supervisor, Robert Graham.

The family of the inmate who Sheriff Lewis called the aggressor says they don't believe Kendall Johnson is responsible for the riot.

"He been locked up in this jail so many times he ain't never did nothing like this. That's why I don't understand", said Johnson's mother, Delores Walker.

"He was beating on the solitary door but I guess he was making too much noise so they came and handcuffed him and he said they jumped on him. He says he has bruises on him", Keyonna Johnson, the inmate's sister said.

"He was the aggressor with the guards. During a security check he breached that security check", Sheriff Lewis said.

There has been debate, and concern about problems at the Hinds County Detention Center for years. Problems with the design, cell doors that wouldn't lock, and even manpower. County officials say they are just glad this riot was brought under control without serious injuries or loss of life.

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson issued a statement saying he has been in contact with Hinds County officials and steps are being taken to handle city inmates housed at the Raymond facility.

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