Viewpoint: July 27, 2012

Lofty expectations and a growing sense of excitement continue to surround LSU football as the season draws ever closer. The Tigers are many experts' pick to win the national championship this season and are ranked at or near the top of nearly every preseason poll.

There is one No. 1 ranking, however, that we feel LSU does not deserve. A Bleacher Report article  last October ranked LSU football fans as the rudest in the country, going so far as to call Tiger fans, "the most arrogant people on the face of the planet."

We know this is not true. Perhaps our passion is being mistaken for arrogance, but we can't allow this perception to grow. The next time you are at an LSU game, try to make opposing fans feel welcome; they are our guests and we should show them true southern hospitality.

Hopefully, this will cause them to return to Death Valley in the future, regardless of the score, and the national perception of LSU fans will change for the better with a more accurate reflection of Tiger spirit.