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Brees, Saints prepare for camp: "What They are Saying"

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The New Orleans Saints have reported to camp and it is uncharted territory for the team, but Drew Brees is, "excited for the unknown, because we don't know what to expect. There's no greater opportunity in front of us."  Here's a few selected stories from around the country on  Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints and training camp: 

From USA Today:

"The minute I got off the phone, I changed Bowen's poopy diaper," Brees said Tuesday in his first press conference after the Saints reported for training camp. "I then went downstairs, and I did a load of whites in the washer. And then I went upstairs and put Baylen's lunch away in the refrigerator. So nothing changed."

From Pro Football Talk:

You wouldn't think a team that's won 37 games the last three years, a team that just signed its franchise quarterback to a record-setting deal, a team that set so many records would be this low. But this has been no ordinary offseason for the New Orleans Saints.

From Yahoo Sports:

In the wake of the bounty scandal, Brees held things together the way he usually does -- by being a family man, and as the primary leader of his team.

From NFL News:

There aren't many players in today's NFL who know how to deliver a message -- whether that be to the union, teammates or the media -- better than Drew Brees.

From ESPN:

"With all this stuff swirling around us, in the end, all we can worry about is what we can control. ... I know the type of guys we have. I know the coaches we have. I'm excited to watch it all come together."

From Yahoo! Sports:

The New Orleans Saints will begin 2012 with an eight game regular season win streak: A Fan's Take.

From New Orleans Pro Football:

All five draft picks - and most importantly, QB Drew Brees - were happy and under contract days before camp opened, not always the news at the start of training camp.


New Orleans Saints training camp marks new chapter for team.

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