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Arizona bath salt ban not having much impact

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Valley police agencies have arrested a number of people recently, all connected to bizarre behavior linked to the new designer drug called bath salts.

Tempe police have reported at least four bath salt-related incidents in the past 10 days.
Last month, a man was accused of jumping out of his car naked and causing a multi-car crash in Scottsdale.
A few days later, another man swam naked in Tempe town lake, avoiding police for more than an hour.
He was believed to be "high" on bath salts.
The number of incidents linked to the synthetic drugs appears to be on the rise across the Valley despite a new Arizona law intended to ban bath salts across the state.
"The all mighty dollar is the driving component for this," said Republican state Sen. Linda Gray. "If they can make money off somebody else's misery, that's what they're doing in my opinion."
Several retailers can be found over the internet selling the hallucinogenic drug that's known to mimic methanphetamine and cocaine.
CBS5 also found bath salts being sold in the Valley.
CBS5 News walked right into a shop in Tempe and purchased a $6 vial of bath salts with no questions asked.
Stephanie Siete, with Community Bridges, is an expert in substance abuse and drug rehabilitation.
She said that Arizona's recent bath salt ban is having little impact because the law that was passed made about a half dozen substances illegal.
So now, manufacturers are simply creating the drug using different substances, Siete said.
"Its not the drugs being banned, its certain chemicals being banned," said Siete. "That allows for different strands and different types of these bath salts to be reproduced. I think legislation and states are learning they've got to reword some of these bans."
A smoke shop owner that sells bath salts told CBS5 that he doesn't like selling the stuff because its controversial, but it makes money and its a business.
State lawmakers will consider a tougher bath salt law that encompasses more chemicals next legislative session.
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