Jindal reacts to LSU's need to cut Medicaid budget

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Governor Bobby Jindal said he is waiting to hear from LSU on how they will handle massive cuts to the Medicaid budget.

LSU Health System leaders are crunching the numbers and trying to figure out how to slash nearly $330 million from their budget. The network of charity hospitals treat roughly 20 percent of the state's uninsured.

Jindal says he hopes LSU's plan involves big cuts, but not shutting down any hospitals.

"First of all,with not only legislators and us, but the public, we're also very eager to see those details as well. Both the Department of Health and Hospitals and I know the legislators and public are eager to see those details. But I think LSU is doing their due diligence, working with their stakeholders to develop their plan. And when they are ready, we look forward to hearing those details as well as well as the legislators," said Jindal.

Lawmakers have said they don't understand how the university-run health care system can shrink it's budget by $329 million this year without shutting facilities.

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