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Good Samaritan talks about helping wounded teen

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Eric Wilkins Eric Wilkins
Bonnie Kate Pourciau and her parents Bonnie Kate Pourciau and her parents

Bonnie Kate Pourciau needed a hero in the chaotic aftermath of the movie theater massacre, and she found one in Eric Wilkins.

"I was one of the last people out, and I just happened to look down to my right and she just happened to be the first person laying there," said Wilkins.

Wilkins was one of several heroes who emerged, and it was a good thing because at the moment he found her, she had been separated from her best friend Elizabeth Sumrall.

"From talking to her I found out that they literally didn't know anybody here," said Wilkins.

Because he had medical training, he knew what to do.

"Physically what I did is, I got down by her leg where you could see the wound about two, three inches below her knee," explained Wilkins.  "I just put pressure, and while the other guy who was there just held her hand. He tried talking to her. I tried talking to her.   Probably asked her the same questions like three or four times."

Bonnie Kate says that repetition was a good thing.  As long as they talked it distracted her from the pain.

"It was so intense...then I didn't necessarily feel the pain, but my whole body was sort of in shock and shaking," said Pourciau.

"She was lying there...obviously in a lot of pain, but she was not screaming," said Wilkins.  "She was not hysterical or anything. She was really calm."

Eventually, without an ambulance available, Wilkins and others put her in a police car and got her to the hospital.

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