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Baton Rouge theaters take precautions after deadly shooting in CO

Source: Karl Gehring with The Denver Post Source: Karl Gehring with The Denver Post

The situation in Colorado is prompting some changes for Baton Rouge theaters showing The Dark Knight Rises later Friday.

Roger Black, Operations Manager for Celebrity Theaters Group, said the Grand Cinema-Baton Rouge had two showings at midnight on Friday to avoid large crowds. A total of 130 people bought tickets.

Black, who has been working in the movie industry for 32 years said the scene outside of the Aurora, CO movie theater shook him.

"It's devastating emotionally to me, personally," Black said.

Batman fans in Baton Rouge lined up Friday afternoon to see the super hero action flick. Randolph Scott could not believe the news of the shooting rampage. 

"Don't make no sense. Don't understand this world anymore. It's getting worse and worse," Scott said.

Local movie theaters are taking extra precautions in light of the mass shooting.

The manager at the Rave Cinema behind the Mall of Louisiana said security is already in place, but officials are discussing if other options are necessary after the deadly shooting in Aurora.

The manager of the Grand Cinema on George O'Neal Lane said there will be three officers watching for any trouble. Normally, there's only one. Two officers will be there for Sunday's shows. Exit doors will be double checked to make sure they are locked and more workers will be added at exits and entrances.

"Certainly no one's going to be allowed in with any masks on. If you come in dressed like Batman with a cape on you're going to be looked at very closely before you're allowed in to make sure we know you don't have anything underneath those capes," Black said.

Ticket holder, Jonathan Fontenot, said he is not letting one man's unruly rage ruin his plans.

"It's sad. It's very sad that somebody is disturbed enough to do something like that. But we're not going to live in fear. So we're going to go see the movie," Fontenot said.

Managers at Cinemark at Perkins Rowe are also discussing various security options as well.

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