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Coach Miles enjoys answering a few questions at Media Days

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HOOVER, Ala. - Wednesday Les Miles was asked a few questions and the coach had fun answering them in a way that's made him a bit famous.

The new commercial for EA Sports video games featuring you and Mike the Tiger. Have you had any creative input into the making of that ad?

COACH MILES: No, I did not. I certainly enjoyed the experience. Very talented producer and crew around. The lines were narrowed so that I could perform them effectively (smiling). I really thought that Mike the Tiger stole the show. We didn't get along on the set. He was kind of working the camera. It was really a difficult time (smiling).

It's interesting. We had a lot of fun with it. I can't tell you the number of people that walk by me, and he goes, "Like a son to me, a Tiger son." People I don't know. My 13-year-old Ben says to me, Dad, I just saw the commercial. What did you think, Ben? You've talked a to me like that, you really have.

Good news, bad news, so...


Can you talk about Tyrann Mathieu's Twitter rant and what you made of it?

COACH MILES: I didn't get the Twitter rant exactly. I do recognize that there's some verbal squabble, if you will, at times. The only thing I can tell you is that our guys are certainly proud of their team and how they'll want to compete. I think he probably represented that. I can tell you that no game is won in a Twitter page. It's a nice, pleasant pastime, very much like Media Days. But it's all about what you earn in the fall. I think certainly not only Tyrann, but those people that he was communicating with, they understand that, as well.


Looking back at last year, was that the toughest schedule you faced as a player or a coach?

COACH MILES: Yeah, we played everybody but the Green Bay Packers. But we enjoyed it. There was great challenge to that schedule. We answered the bell 13 straight times.


Everybody seems to think Mettenberger is such a good passer, do you have any second thoughts about not giving him a shot last season?

COACH MILES: Coming off of the national championship game, I would like to have given a lot of thought to things in that game. But we were really getting him ready to play. I think the other two quarterbacks at that point in time were a little bit more advanced. I think late in the year, you know, he had an opportunity to take a couple of strides and got a hand injury that really kind of slowed his development. Maybe he could have taken some snaps in that national championship game should he have not gotten hurt, you know, earlier in that bowl practice, so...

Thank you, guys

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