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LSU & SEC Media Days: "What They are Saying"

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Wednesday was the first day Zach Mettenberger met the bright lights and a room full of reporters as LSU's starting quarterback. The same day the absence of another player became a big story as well. 

Six months after a crushing defeat by Alabama in the BCS game, the Tigers are looking to build on the successes of last season. Here's a sample of "What They are Saying" about the LSU Tigers and SEC Media Days:

From USA Today:

After all, he is the first LSU player - and one of very few in SEC history - who has yet to start a game but was an invitee to this question-and-answer bonanza that began in 1985.

From CBS Sports:

The player we all wanted to see, Tyrann Mathieu -- the Honey Badger himself -- was conspicuously left back in Baton Rouge. The quarterback with a rap sheet -- Zach Mettenberger -- attended his first media days before starting his first game.

From ESPN:

It's notable that Mathieu was not one of the three LSU players Miles brought to media days. It's also clear that, while there isn't love for the antics, Miles kind of likes the swagger that is behind them. "I don't think anybody in America has the kind of confidence Tyrann Mathieu has," Miles said.


"I would say, 'Strap it up,' " he said, according to the Birmingham News. "They're really going to not enjoy their welcoming to this conference."

From USA Today:

According to a record number of Southeastern Conference football media days voters, LSU and Georgia will meet in a rematch of last year's SEC title Game in Atlanta.


At times, Miles appears to be at war with the English language, but also exhibits a dry wit that catches folks off guard. At Wednesday's session with the print media, one writer tweeted that Miles was asked "the most confusing question of the day" and "the scary part is he understood it."

From the Shreveport Times:

"Maybe he (Mettenberger) could have taken some snaps in that national championship game should he have not gotten hurt earlier in that bowl practice," Miles said.

From Yahoo! Sports:

''There are not too many quarterbacks I've seen who throw the ball like Zach does,'' Beckham said. ''That's just the way he is. He'll have any kind of year he wants to have. I tell him all the time, 'You're (an NFL) first rounder. You're incredible.''

The Bleacher Report:

"I can tell you that no game is won in a Twitter page," Miles said. "It's a nice, pleasant pastime, very much like Media Days. But it's all about what you earn in the fall. I think certainly not only Tyrann, but those people that he was communicating with, they understand that as well."

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