Grand jury to hear case against Brandon Lavergne

LAFAYETTE, LA (WAFB) - Brandon Scott Lavergne will begin the first of several court proceedings later today.  An investigator on the case says Lavergne is their guy and believes they are getting much closer to finding Shunick.

The search for missing UL Lafayette student Mickey Shunick has been trying for family, friends and police.

The smiling face of 22 year old Shunick was last seen on May 19th.  She spent part of the day at a get together with friends.  At some point after Shunick left the party, she disappeared while riding her bike home in the early morning hours.

In the weeks since, authorities and residents alike have undergone massive search efforts with few breaks in the case.

Then, authorities arrested 33 year old Lavergne and charged him with first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping.

"Even though we did make an arrest and we feel we have the person responsible for Mickey's disappearance, we still haven't found Mickey.  So, it's very frustrating not only for the investigators but for the whole team," said Cpl. Paul Mouton of the Lafayette Police Department.

Police say Lavergne's arrest uncovered some new clues to help in the search.  Texas Equusearch, a Houston based nonprofit, was called back into assist.

"Before we really had no direction in how we were traveling expect for the information we had. Now that we have named a suspect, we have received a lot of positive information that has pointed us in the right direction," said Mouton.

After the arrest, police collected evidence from Lavergne's home.  Investigators say processing it will take time.

However, they remain hopeful that Mickey's family will get closure soon.

"What we're hoping is to have that positive link of evidence that will connect them directly to the disappearances other than what we already have.  Anything to help build this case and make it stronger.  We feel confident we have the right guy," said Mouton.

A grand jury will hear the case against Lavergne Wednesday afternoon, and decide if there is enough evidence to indict him. 

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