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Man caught hiding in ceiling of Leawood movie theater women's restroom


A movie goer was horrified and angry when she caught a man snapping pictures of her inside the women's bathroom at the AMC Town Center Theatre.

Police searched extensively for the man but couldn't locate him Monday night. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he was discovered hiding in the movie theater's ceiling.

The Johnson County District Attorney's Office is expected to file charges against the man later this week.

"It's scary. It really is scary," Keyaira Faceon said. "Going to this extreme to climb into the ceiling of a building. What else are you hiding? What kind of person really are you?"

It was about 11:30 p.m. Monday when Leawood police were asked to rush to the movie theater at 117th Street and Nall Avenue.

The call for police aid came after Faceon went to the restroom. She heard a shuffling noise in the stall next to her.

"I was squatting. I glanced up and thought someone else is in here with me," she said. "I saw someone lowering a cellphone... to the left side of the toilet with the camera facing toward me."

Faceon reacted in both disbelief and anger. She began to bang on the door and yelled at the man.

"I see you! Get out here! Are you crazy?" she yelled.

The man apologized, but stayed locked inside the stall. The woman then ran screaming for help.

Police immediately responded. But they couldn't find the suspect.

"He was nowhere to be found," said Leawood Capt. Kevin Cauley. "The fire department came out and used thermal imaging. The maintenance guy came out with blueprints to the building to look to see how it was configured in the ceiling. They spent a lot of time trying to track this guy down."

The department received information Tuesday afternoon that led officers back to the theater. They discovered the man hiding in the ceiling and he was arrested.

Instead of facing simple misdemeanor charges, Carlos Moriera now faces a felony charge. He has been charged with breach of privacy and criminal trespass. He entered a not guilty plea on the breach of privacy charge, the felony, in an appearance before a judge Wednesday.

The Overland Park man turns 24 on Aug. 1.

Faceon wants to remind women to be careful even when they are seemingly in safe locations.

"The point of this is women need to be aware. We are aware that there are sick people in the world," Faceon said. "But you'd think a simple night out on the town with your sister to see a good movie would turn into someone trying to violate you."

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