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I-Team: Third BRPD officers resigns within a week

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sergeant Allen Persick stepped down on Friday in lieu of a termination, after he was accused of violating a civil service law. He was a 20-year veteran of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

A Facebook post is what police said cost Sgt. Persick his badge. The I-team is told the post endorsed a judge running for judgeship. it's a move that violates a civil service law, laws that every officer swears to uphold when taking the oath.

One of those laws has to do with political activities. It states classified service employees cannot endorse candidates.

There is the list of what officers can and cannot do when it comes to politics. On it, it states everything officers are permitted to do and prohibited from.

-No wearing a badge, button, tee-shirt or any other item of clothing that endorses a candidate

-No soliciting or supporting a candidate or party by any means of communication

-no political signs, pictures or ads in public places like your home, yard, office or anywhere else that is if the officer is the sole owner of the home, car or anything else. But, if the officer and spouse have joint ownership, it's different. Then, the spouse can place political signs, pictures or ads in the home, yard or anywhere else.

The civil service law goes on to read no employee can directly or indirectly contribute to a candidate or party. That's why yet another officer is under investigation. A Baton Rouge Police Lieutenant accused of contributing money to a mayoral candidate.

Earlier in the week, Sgt. Monroe Allmond resigned, in lieu of termination, after police said he was caught picking an office lock.

Officer Jake Chustz, a 5-yr veteran, arrested Wednesday night for allegedly stealing an Iphone during a DWI stop. He resigned immediately.

The law gives the police chief only one option if one of his officers violates the civil service law: termination, which is why some of these officers resigned instead.

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