Gov. Jindal still says he has the job he wants

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The national speculation has heated to simmering about Governor Bobby Jindal joining the ticket as candidate for Vice President. When Jindal was asked again Tuesday, he had two new answers.

Some say Governor Jindal talks the talk and walks the walk these days, interested in the vice presidential seat.  Jindal has spent a lot of time with presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and there is an open seat next to him.

Jindal has been accused of this before; he always has an answer of his own ready: "I have the job I want."

However, now Jindal says he has been asked not to talk about running alongside Romney as vice president.  When asked if he was offered the vice president's spot on the ticket, would he take it, he said, "I do have the job that I want, secondly, and you've heard this from several folks, we're not commenting at all about the VP process or anything like that. We're referring all that to the Romney campaign at their request."

One political analyst says it all may be much ado about nothing because of the vetting process.

"I kind of laugh, because no one says 'I want to be vice president.' I can't think of anyone in the history of the republic who campaigned for vice president overtly and says 'I want to be vice president.'  Everybody has to say 'I don't want the job.'  But, I've never heard anybody turn it down," said political analyst Bob Mann.

In a phone conversation with Romney campaign members, they said "We cannot comment on the record or off the record. We just don't comment on these kinds of things."

Other potential vice presidential candidates include Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

The Romney campaign has about seven weeks to pick a number two before the start of the GOP convention next month in Tampa.

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