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S. FL teen loses arms in alligator attack

CALOOSAHATCHEE, FL (WFLX) - A South Florida teen is recovering after doctors tried to reattach part of his arm after an alligator attack.

Fred Langdale's friends say the gator attack seemed to come out of nowhere as they went for a swim in the Caloosahatchee Monday.

They say the alligator came out of the water about two feed away from langdale, and lunged. "He's been around alligators all his life. He's smart enough; he knows if he offers him his arm, said Matthew Baker, a friend of the victim. "He won't take his torso. So, he was smart, he took the risk."

Wildlife officils say it is just past mating season for the big reptiles, and they are active and aggressive.

Trappers spent three hours trying to find the animal that attacked langdale to recover his arm.

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