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School voucher supporters file lawsuit


Supporters of the controversial school voucher program have filed a court intervention. William Maurer, the Executive Director of the Institute for Justice, says this intervention seeks to get more defendant in the case instead of out of it.

"Interventions essentially means that were going to be parties to the case if the judge agrees," said Maurer. The Institute for Justice is a Seattle, Washington based public interest law firm that represents parents and school reform groups

The Washington-based Institute for Justice filed the suit on behalf of two New Orleans parents and a couple education groups to join in lawsuits between teacher lobbying associations and the state.

Valerie Evans, a New Orleans parent, is asking to be named a defendant in the three cases.

"I care about all the kids too, but as a parent I'm responsible for mine," said Evans. "I don't want to beat the people up in the public school system. I just want to say this is a crisis situation and I want to take a crisis measure," said Evans.

"Gabriel (Evans) is my last child," says Evans. "My other children were in the broken, failed school system and the kids of and things I lived everyday was…safety issues and inadequate education."

District Court Judge Tim Kelly ruled late Monday that he will allow the applicants to join the lawsuit. The school groups are the Black Alliance for Educational Options. Headed up by Kenneth Campbell.

"Those folks are not concerned about the education of children," says Campbell. "Make no mistake about it, it's about money and it's about who controls the money," and the Alliance for School Choice.

If they are successful Evans, Kendra Palmer, BAEO, and The Alliance for School Choice will be added as defendants. No word from the State of Louisiana if they would welcome the additional defendants or not.

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