Wax Family

Lt. Vickie Wax's father is furious that williams is on the street where he could kill someone rather than behind bars. [take: turn keyd]{***turn***}w-a-f-b's avery davidson spoke with the man who raised lieutenant wax and another man who considers her part of his family. [take pkg outcue: wafb 9news duration:1:43] {***sot-pkg***} [cg at 0:00:locator\seeking banner] [cg at 0:25:name - title\milbourne salassi\wax's father] [cg at 1:10:name - title\chief harry brignac\french settlement pd] [cg :avery davidson reporting\ \ ] [take sot name: salassi incue: she was honest... Outcue: ...i was... I am.. *sniffle* at: 33:18:16 duration:0:11] {***sot***} "she was honest and she treated everyone with respect." 'you must have been very proud of her.' "i was, i am."[take vo] {***vo***} proud, but angry... Milbourne salassi says when he got the call saturday night telling him someone shot and killed his daughter while on the job... He was mad and hurt... And salassi doesn't hold back when you ask what he would tell his daughter's killer. [take sot name: salassi incue: i would tell him... Outcue: ....he deserves death. At: 34:17:07 duration:0:06] {***sot***} "i would tell him he deserves more than he's going to get. He deserves death." [take vo] {***vo***} 33 year old shedran williams is the lone suspect in the case. Salassi says when he learned about williams' rap sheet... He didn't just blame the killer for wax's death... He blames the entire judicial system. [take sot name: salassi incue: if he was.... Outcue: ...to shoplift and murder. At: 34:44:10 duration:0:07] {***sot***} "if he was kept in prison where he was supposed to been, he would have not been out there to try to shoplift and murder." [take sot name: salassi incue: i would say there's... Outcue: ...are doing a good job. At: 32:47:19 duration:0:18] {***sot***} "i would say there's no use to have a jury convict 'em if you got an appointed group to get 'em their pardons and paroles. And the judges are not doing their job. The district attorneys are not doing their job. I think the police are doing a good job." [take sot name: chief incue: you lose... Outcue: ...of the community. At: 38:03:07 duration:0:03] {***sot***} "you lose a police officer, you lose a pillar of the community."[take vo] {***vo***} flags at half staff at the town hall and the volunteer fire station in wax's hometown of french settlement reflect what chief harry brignac says. [take sot name: brignac incue: she never... Outcue: ...about anybody. At: 38:29:07 duration:0:03] {***sot***} "she never had a bad thing to say about anybody." {***vo***} brignac shows his mourning on his badge... He says it feels like he lost a member of his family. [take sot name: chief incue: you couldn't ask... Outcue: ...hurt that department. At: 38:40:18 duration:0:06] {***sot***} "you couldn't ask for a better officer and to lose an officer like that will hurt that department." [take vo] {***vo***} it's still hurts this man... And his family. In french settlement, avery davidson, wafb nine news.