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Police say Lubbock man tries to kill dogs as "sacrifice to God"

Joseph Johnson Joseph Johnson

On Thursday KCBD received a chilling 911 tape from a wife as she watches her husband try to kill their family's dogs here in Lubbock. Police believe he was attempting to "sacrifice" the dogs to "God" after the man said he smoked a legal herbal drug.

On June 14th, Lubbock Police arrested 24-year-old Joseph Johnson for animal cruelty and torture, a state felony.

During the 911 call you here Johnson's wife telling dispatch there was something wrong with her husband. She says she thought Johnson was a threat to himself, but then moments later she begins screaming over the phone.

The chilling screams are hard to listen to as she says "Oh my goodness, what are you doing. Oh my goodness he's hurting another dog." Screams follow and then she says "He's killing our dog."

According the arrest warrant when police arrived at the home, a black dog was standing in the corner of the yard with blood coming from his nose and mouth. The documents say the dog was obviously in pain, and also had a swollen eye.

The other dog, a small brown Chihuahua, was lying on its side also with blood coming from his nose and mouth.

Johnson's wife told police she saw Johnson pick of the brown dog and slam him to the ground.

When questioned, Johnson told police he had been "smoking a legal herbal drug" and that he had "disappointed his father – referring to God". He then told police he was going to "present a gift to his father."

The officer says he believes Johnson tried to kill the dogs as a sacrifice to God.

We're unsure what kind of legal herbal drug Johnson had been smoking but UMC Emergency Director Joe Sasin says that behavior is consistent with the side effects of legal synthetic marijuana like K2 or Spice.

"People often kind of gravitate to those hyper religious or hyper paranoid thoughts like people are trying to kill them, or there are a lot of religious overtones to it," said Sasin. "So, sacrificing dogs to God would be something you would expect with that."

Sasin says with the synthetic drugs readily available in stores, they see about a dozen patients come to the ER each month with psychotic episodes linked to the synthetics.

Officials with the animal shelter say the black dog is doing better. As far as the small brown dog, it's unsure whether he had to be euthanized.

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