New DOTD computer system caused $26M problems

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new auditor's report released Monday says a multimillion dollar computer upgrade for the state transportation department has some significant issues.

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's office released the financial systems report of DOTD saying the new computer system had coding errors and other problems that amounted to $26 million in federal expenses not being billed.

"We want to clarify no money was lost," says DOTD spokesperson Jodi Conachen. "We have secured all of our revenue and funding sources. We have billed back out to the feds and they have paid us back."

The legislative auditor's office confirms the report helped DOTD recoup the federal money. "When we went in and looked, we were able to show them that they weren't billing the federal government the amount of money that they could," says Beth Davis, CPA

Again the department recouped all of the money they failed to bill. DOTD Secretary Sherri LeBas disagreed with several of the findings and said the implementation of the computer system upgrade was a huge success, replacing a system at risk to total failure. LeBas wrote in her response that the improvements will continue to be made to the system for years to come.

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