Advanced DNA Tests Linking Lee To His Victims Made Public

A West Baton Rouge judge is now making public the advanced DNA tests that allegedly link accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee to some of his alleged victims. Prosecutors are revealing new details beyond DNA, that they say further link Lee to Geralyn De Soto's murder and the attack of Diane Alexanders. WAFB's Jennifer Hale reports prosecutors won a big ruling in court Thursday.

Back in February of 1997, Lee was stopped in the Zachary's Oak Shadows subdivision for suspicious behavior. He was found walking at night wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and work boots, carrying gloves and a knife already out of its sheath. Lee claimed his truck had broken down and he was headed to his girlfriend's house. But Lee didn't know her name or address. When police brought Lee back to his truck, it immediately started up.

Oak Shadows is where Connie Warner and Randi Mebreur were killed. Lee is now charged with Randi's murder. In Zachary later that same year, Lee was captured and arrested for multiple peeping Tom complaints after he led police on a long, difficult chase.

Fast forward to August 1999 - Lee is arrested for stalking, peeping and harassing three St. Francisville women to the point they feared for their lives.

"Someone saw him with a knife, gloves, boots - that ties right into our case. It shows why we didn't have fingerprints and the peeping Tom convictions help us tremendously," said prosecutor Tony Clayton.

Records show Lee's pawned and bought back the knife he was seen carrying in 1997 many times over the past several years. The District Attorney's Office says they plan to show the fatal slice across Geralyn's neck was undeniably made by the knife blade's distinctive grain. Much of the case against Lee also hinges on DNA evidence. DNA is characterized by a series of numbers called markers. The advanced DNA tests reveal that the attacker's DNA found on both Geralyn and Lafayette's Dene Colomb - perfectly matches Lee's DNA at ten separate markers.