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I-Team: BRPD officer on leave after 9 News investigation

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A Baton Rouge Police officer is on administrative leave after a 9 News investigation.

Janavian Chocklin is a five-year veteran of BRPD.

"When we go outside the law, then it looks worse than the average citizen," said BRPD Chief Dewayne White.

Officer Chocklin is off the streets after the police department launched an Internal Affairs investigation.

Tamela Gant said Chocklin's pit bull dog mauled her little 2-year-old Yorkie in December, who ended up dying from his injuries. Then, early last week, another incident involving her children while walking home from the park.

"One of his pit bulls got out and it was scratching at my door. It left marks on my door trying to get to my kids," said Gant.

Gant filed an affidavit with Animal Control, who later issued Chocklin a summons with criminal charges. After Gant verified Chocklin was the owner of the pit bulls, WAFB's Kiran Chawla tried to talk to him:

Chawla: Do you live here?

Chocklin: No.

Chawla: Looking for the officer who owns two pit bulls.

Chocklin: I don't know who that is.

Chawla: Okay, do you just work here?

Chocklin: I don't know who that is. This is a relative's home.

Chawla: This is a relative's home?

Chocklin: Yeah, have a good day ma'am.

Chawla: Can I...

Chocklin: Bye bye. Have a good day.

Chawla: Can I at least try to talk to...

Chocklin: Have a good day.

His wife though, contradicted the story by saying they did live there and they did own pit bulls.

"(I'm) disappointed in the officer, disappointed by his actions. Should have just told the truth," said Chief White.

Chief White said in Chocklin's five years as a Baton Rouge police officer, he has a clean slate with no disciplinary actions. But in regards to the pit bulls, Chief White said Chocklin did not notify the department about his summons, which he is required to do by department policy

"The officer's integrity is now in question so I have to ask myself: putting him in a position, where do I put him now? Do I put him in Uniform Patrol, and when he goes to court, is his veracity, is it going to be checked? Is it going to be questioned every time?" asked Chief White.

Hilton Cole with Animal Control said Chocklin signed over both of his pit bull dogs to them Monday.

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