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State: Reports of abuse filed for Xzayvion Riley

Xzayvion Riley Xzayvion Riley
Michael Robertson and Lavaughn Riley (Source: EBRSO) Michael Robertson and Lavaughn Riley (Source: EBRSO)

Sheriff's Detectives say a mother and father beat their son past the point of no return, hard enough to kill him.

Deputies arrested Michael Robertson and Lavaughn Riley both with first degree murder. The father is accused of viciously beating his son Xzayvion and biting him as a form of discipline. The mother is also charged; she is accused of beating the child as well, and deputies say the mother stood by and allowed much of the abuse, and never tried to get help.

An autopsy showed one of the beatings Monday night ruptured Xzayvion's bowel, which led to a deadly infection.

According to records, the state was aware of possible abuse in the home as far back as August of last year. It is confirmed that Xzayvion has been assigned a case worker. The Sheriff's Office had also received a few complaints of possible abuse, but each time, a deputy checked out the situation and found nothing that pointed to physical abuse.

Even though the autopsy showed more than 60 cuts and bruises on the child, those who cared for him said there were no obvious signs of abuse. In fact, in the pictures provided by the daycare he attended, he was wearing short sleeves and there were no signs of obvious bruising. Daycare workers say they saw Xzayvion a week ago, and three days later he was gone.

Evelyn Pierson can hardly watch the video of little Xzayvion's graduation without crying. She is the owner of the daycare he attended. He graduated about a month ago. It was one of the first times he walked without his crutches. That day, he arrived with his classmates to school in a limo; much happier times than the hell that was just around the corner.

"His smile... I don't think I've ever seen anybody - if that's what he was going through, he smiled like- God got my back," said Pierson.

In the short few months, daycare workers got to know Xzayvion. They never suspected that he was being abused. He was enrolled through a case worker, with the state. When he was first enrolled at the daycare, he was on a walker, then crutches, from what was described as a fall.

The workers say Xzayvion was a smart and quiet kid who loved to watch TV and drink water. They say he was best at giving big hugs. Now, they wonder what was hidden in those hugs.

"I know it's always said that people are in your life for a season; he was in our life for a season, but he has a snap on our hearts that we will never forget," said Pierson. "I didn't see what Xzayvion was going through, but he smiled for a reason."

The State Department of Children and Family Services investigate cases of child abuse. Records show they were investigating the Xzayvion Riley case for at least the past 10 months. However, citing state law, the Department will not discuss any specifics of the case.

The state launched a child abuse reporting hotline last July. Since that time, they have logged more than 84,000 calls reporting possible abuse cases statewide.

In all of last year, the state sent investigators to check out more than 28,000 reported cases of abuse.

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