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"Good Samaritan" steals $200 from elderly woman

Who can you trust these days? Well, an elderly Lake Charles woman found out the hard way.

Eighty five year old Angie Bourgeois admits what she did wasn't a smart thing to do.  When she gave a stranger her debit card, she hoped the woman offering help could be trusted. Sadly, she could not.  And now police are looking for her,"I feel very stupid about what I did. I know better,"said Bourgeois.

Bourgeois doesn't drive anymore. She and her grandson were stranded at a local restaurant when debit cards wouldn't work.  "I took a taxi with my eleven year old grandson and we got there about one o'clock And when we got there, all of their machines were down. And they don't take checks. You had to have cash," said Bourgeois.

So, she accepted a stranger's offer to help. The woman said she'd run to the ATM for Bourgeois so she could entertain her grandson. "She said,'If you'll trust me, I'll be happy to help you.' And I said, 'Well, what's that?' She said, 'If you'll give me your card, I'll go across the street to Walmart and get your money. It'll be a lot quicker than calling a cab,'" explained Bourgeois.

After more than an hour, Bourgeois knew something was up.  The the woman, captured on surveillance video, did return with the $80 Bourgeois needed.  But she also took $200 for herself. "When I got home I called the bank and,  sure enough, my intuition told me right. So, don't ever think anybody's nice and trying to do you a favor. It doesn't work out that way," said Bourgeois.

Luckily, the ATM won't allow daily withdrawal over $300. Bourgeois figures that's why the woman was gone so long--trying different ATM machines.  So,  it could have been worse. Still said Bourgeois, "I would like my $200 back. I'm an old woman and on social security and I'd like my money."

 So, Lake Charles police are looking for the woman. Anyone who can identify her from the surveillance video is asked to contact police at 337-491-1456 extension 1223.  Ask for Detective Dustin Gaudet.  Meanwhile, if Bourgeois had a chance to give the thief a message she says this is what she'd say. "Shame on you. Shame on you. I trusted you."

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