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Dismembered woman's family: "You just go numb"

Jaren Lockhart and her 3-year-old daughter (Source: Action 17 News) Jaren Lockhart and her 3-year-old daughter (Source: Action 17 News)
Source: Action 17 News Source: Action 17 News
Source: Action 17 News Source: Action 17 News
Terry Speaks Terry Speaks
Margaret Sanchez (Source: Model Mayhem) Margaret Sanchez (Source: Model Mayhem)

Investigators have two people in custody they believe know something about the murder of Jaren Lockhart, a New Orleans woman whose dismembered body washed up on Mississippi beaches.

A minor traffic stop in Tangipahoa Parish is what landed Terry Speaks and Margaret Sanchez in jail. They were the last ones seen with Lockhart. Deputies found there were warrants for their arrests, while checking their license information for that stop.

Now, Lockhart's family members want answers. They want to know who would kill their loved one and dump her dismembered body.

"It's been killing me the last few days," said Donna Lockhart, the victim's mother.

A mother is shaken to her core and a father is numb after living through the unthinkable for any parent: the gruesome death of a daughter. Lockhart's dismembered body started washing ashore late last week on several Mississippi beaches.

"Everybody says be strong, but it's hard to be strong," Donna added.

"It's like someone just ripped your heart out of your body, you know," explained Pete Singer, the victim's father. "You just go numb. You go dead on the inside."

Her brother, Lance, who Lockhart lovingly called "Bubba," said the worst part for him is he couldn't be there to protect his little sister like he's done all his life.

"Someone bothered her, she would always say, 'Bubba, come help me,'" Lance Lockhart said. "You want to know what's running through my head? That's running through my head. 'Bubba, help me,' and I ain't there."

The last time he heard from his sister was two weeks ago. She worked as a dancer at Temptations on Bourbon Street. The last known time the 22-year-old was seen alive was on surveillance video walking out of Temptations last Wednesday. Detectives are relying on Speaks and Sanchez for answers. Both were found in Tangipahoa Parish Tuesday night when they were pulled over by deputies for a minor traffic violation.

"They checked her ID, found out who she was and identified her," said Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam. "The male suspect or person of interest, who was with her, then bolted and ran."

US Marshal's agents found Speaks in the woods. Both were taken to the Tangipahoa Parish Jail. Wednesday afternoon, Speaks was taken to federal court in New Orleans for violating the rules of registering as a sex offender. The 39-year-old was convicted in North Carolina in 2003 on three counts of indecent liberty with a minor.

Meanwhile, Sanchez, 28, was taken to an Amite court for a hearing, where she did not sign her extradition.

"She was shaking, crying, bent over, something about she couldn't sign her extradition," said Scott Bruneau, who was in that courtroom. "(She) wanted to call her dad and they wouldn't let her do it. She was just staying stooped the whole time with her face in her knees sitting in a chair."

Multiple agencies collected evidence from the couple's Kenner home and several items from there were boxed up and bagged.

Lockhart's family members said working at the gentlemen's club was a necessity for the woman to support her and her 3-year-old daughter.

"She was more than a stripper," said Alice Swain, the victim's aunt. "She was a wonderful mother and she was a great friend."

Neither Speaks nor Sanchez has been charged in Lockhart's murder at this time.

Meanwhile, federal agents plan to hold Speaks at the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office until Friday. At that time, he'll have another federal hearing to determine if he'll make bond.

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