City jail opening doors for misdemeanors

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you've got an outstanding misdemeanor warrant in East Baton Rouge, you've got a week to take care of it, or you could end up in jail.

Officials with the Constable's Office, the EBR Sheriff's Office and the District Attorney's Office announced Monday that from June 18th through 29th, the city jail will be open at all times for anyone arrested with outstanding warrants.

Currently, there are 164,621 outstanding warrants in East Baton Rouge.

"Since beginning our warrant initiatives two years ago, we've seen a 42% decrease in outstanding warrants," Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said. "In 2011, we found that the possibility of incarceration prompted those with outstanding warrants to voluntarily comply with the law."

A test run last year led to 5,131 warrants being cleared voluntarily by those with outstanding warrants, bringing in almost $500,000.  348 people were also arrested during the trial period, clearing 772 more warrants.

As a result of last year's success, the Metro Council voted to provide the sheriff's office with $50,000 and to reimburse the constable's office with funds generated by the jail to keep the jail open 24/7 from June 18th to 29th.

To see if you have outstanding warrants with the sheriff's office/district court, click here.  To check on police/city court warrants, click here.

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