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Contact 9: Bride-to-be says wedding day is ruined


A Baton Rouge bride says her wedding is now ruined because of the way a local shop is doing their business.

Natasha Palmer is marrying her fiancé on July 28, 2012. She has the dresses for her flower girls, and picked out her bridesmaid's dresses at Rita and Albert's Boutique on Florida Boulevard.

Natasha says three of her bridesmaids got their measurements, and all together paid $250; half the cost of the dresses. She asked the owner's son to go ahead with the order. Natasha says two weeks later, he called to tell her her dream dresses were not available in her wedding colors. She was prepared to keep shopping around, but has one problem.

"Where is the money? If you didn't order anything for me or do anything for only took measurements so where is the money?" said Natasha.

She claims the shop won't give her a refund, even though the dresses were not ordered in the first place. Boutique owner Rita Garrett says she can get Natasha's dresses, but there's a catch.

Rita says the dresses will come in two days after her wedding. Rita also says that Natasha saw a sign that said all sales are final that is in the store. After we made the comment that there wasn't a sale because she didn't get a dress, Rita said "She didn't get her dress but she can come here and get some dresses."

Natasha says she has seen what is in Rita's store, and is not interested in anything else; especially now that she feels like the owners aren't willing to work with her.

"I'm a bride, you don't do that, you know you don't handle people like that because you were nice to me before you got my money," said Natasha. "I just don't want anyone else to come behind me and to have to deal with this because it doesn't make sense."

We asked "if for some reason the original dresses she wanted aren't available, are you willing to work out the money issue? Rita said "We'll see..."

We made the statement "She just wants her money back because she doesn't have her dresses." Rita said "Okay ma'am I understand what you're saying, interview is over, get the camera out my face."

Of course we left the store after Ms. Garret ended our interview.

We saw the receipt and two bank statements from Natasha's bridesmaids amounting to $250 total. They are still waiting on their refund, and hope Rita and Albert's will get in touch with them to make that happen after this story airs.

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