Super Regional causes spike in business for restaurants

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Restaurants in the shadows of Alex Box Stadium are thrilled the Tigers have gone so far this season. Managers at Pluckers and Walk-Ons on Nicholson Drive have all hands on deck to accommodate the huge crowds the Regional and Super Regional brought to the city.

The cash flowed and the customers rolled in non-stop over at Walk-Ons Sunday. Restaurant manager Daniel Poche said it's been that way since the regional tournament.

"The Super Regionals, of course, we've been popping," Poche said. "The rain, of course, dims it out a little, but still they come in here to watch the games when the rain pops. So, it's better for us a little bit."

Poche said the football off season is usually the time of year when customers are few and far between.

"I know last year we didn't do nearly as well as we're doing right now. The sales are showing that. It's great, I mean, the people are coming in," he added.

Pluckers manager Drew Galloway agreed. He said the summer is usually pretty slow for them, too.

"Usually, you know, restaurants in this area have to depend on the fall for a lot of business," said Galloway. "But, anytime the baseball team goes on an extended run or the Hornets or the basketball team go on an extended run, it's just definitely really good for business."

He said LSU baseball fans have been more than just a little good for his business.

"I would say, just based on crowds and stuff, you're looking at a whole two or three more weekends that have been really good business. So, I mean, I would say during the month, probably saw probably 15-20 percent increase," Galloway explained.

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