LSU fans ready for heat and rain

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Friday's rains ran LSU and Stonybrook into their locker rooms and fans out of Alex Box.  The weather was on everyone's minds as they headed to the game earlier in the day.

"Gonna be a hot one," said Shane Faulk.  "Don't want to burn my ears for this 11:00 game."

The game was early and Tiger fans came ready for the heat.

"I'm lathered up pretty good, and I'm ready to go," said Ty Carmos.

It's not just sunscreen.  Outside the Box, fans hydrated - sort of.  Some more than others.

"It's not too bad today," said Clem Steele.

Steele has been taking tickets for 38 years.

"I got a couple more years to go in me," said Steele.

Sun, steel and concrete kept him dancing, but he's seen worse.

"Temperature is down a little bit.  Kinda cloudy," said Steele.

He's staked out his 10 square feet of shade.

"It does pretty good, but in the evening, the sun is back over this way and we have to move," added Steele.

The rain forecast for Friday had him nervous he'd have to make friends with every fan in the outfield bleachers.

"We crowd under this shed," laughs Steele.

The sun isn't hot enough for Lance Achee.  He brought his own heat to cook with.

"Gotta have fire.  We got a ball game going on," said Achee.  "You gotta tailgate.  That's the name of the game.  We're at LSU."

And if it rains?

"Get under the tent and keep hydrating," said Achee.

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