Viewpoint: June 6, 2012

Hurricane season, or what we sometimes call our 5th season, is once again upon us. We've already had early reminders of the threats we often face this time of year, with two tropical storms - Alberto and Beryl - forming in May, before the season even 'officially' began.

Fortunately, neither bothered us. We had significant impacts last year from Tropical Storm Lee and of course, from Hurricane Gustav in 2008, but we're now approaching nearly seven years without a MAJOR hurricane landfall, category 3 or higher, anywhere along the US coastline.

That is a new record. The odds would seem to indicate that some part of the US coastline is due for a big hit, so let's take the time to make sure we're prepared just in case anything comes our way this hurricane season.

Make your plans now. If you're close to the coast or in a flood prone area, know where you'll go if you have to evacuate. For those of us farther inland, it's typically not an issue of evacuation, but moreso dealing with potential power outages. If you have a generator, test it now and make sure you know how to use it safely.

As always, we hope to have a quiet hurricane season. But if we do see any threats, you can count on WAFB and the 9 Storm Team to help keep you safe.