LSU Earth Day

By Kristian Schooler | LSU Student

LSU Earth Day and Spring Greening Day are combined together for the first time to make an impact on LSU's campus beautification as well as the hearts and minds of the Baton Rouge community.

The event will be held Friday in front of the LSU Student Union from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Student Life, Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Campus Sustainability are collaborating in combining Earth Day and Spring Greening Day into a single, according to LSU's Kayla Carter, co-president of ECO.

The goal is to improve LSU's campus while raising awareness about sustainable practices, according to Priyanka Bhatia, Spring Greening committee member.

Student volunteers, after spending the day classrooms, will have the chance to "get outside and get (their) hands dirty," she says, adding that a sustainability expo will be set up in Free Speech Alley in front of the Student Union to promote green efforts, such as composting..

A variety of giveaways, music, food and activities will be available in front of the Student Union.

Enjoy music provided by KLSU DJs while getting a henna tattoo, added John Tracy, co-president of ECO at LSU.

There will be a "stuff swap" table where people are encouraged to bring items from home to swap out with items from the table, said Carter, as well as the sustainable edible landscape and bird refugee sign painting projects.

In 2011, Spring Greening Day brought in more than 300 volunteers, according to LSU Campus Sustainability.

Be open-minded about the organizations that promote sustainable practices in the area, Tracy asks.

Organizations participating include Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Structure Green, Baton Rouge Progressive Network, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, Noelie Harmon, Sierra Club, LSU's Campus Sustainability Class, Student Wetland Society, Greater Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition, Ocean Conservancy, Lush, Mid City Bikes and Gulf South Solar.