Blackberry Bounce

Prep Time: 6 Months Preferable

Yields: 3 Gallons


This family recipe was originally created by Lucie "Cie" Greaud Guttner. Her son-in-law, Gary Anderson, adapted the method slightly, but the flavor is still wonderful. Louisiana native black cherries, which ripen in May and June, are perfect for this wine. However, we are using blackberries which are in season most of the year.


1 gallon blackberries

16 cups sugar

2 gallons whiskey or brandy


Rinse berries well under cold running water. In a large crock, combine berries and sugar. Add whiskey. NOTE: Gary recommends using J.W. Dant Bourbon; however, any bourbon will work. Cover crock with cheesecloth and let stand in a cool, dark place approximately 6 months. Cover should allow gas to escape but should not allow whiskey to evaporate. After 6 months, carefully strain wine. Taste for quality and serve, or bottle for later use. Blackberry bounce is traditionally served at Thanksgiving or Christmas.