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I-Team: Denham Springs officer reinstated


A police officer once facing suspension is now back on the street. It comes after an appeal hearing that lasted well into the night.

The Civil Service Board in Denham Springs doesn't dispute that policies were broken.
Instead, the case was dismissed on the basis that the officer's bill of rights was violated.

"We're just pleased with the ruling, we think it's the right ruling," said Charlie Dirks, who represents Officer Jared Kreamer, a Denham Springs police officer who was serving a 90-day suspension for more than half a dozen issues.

"I am embarrassed by what is getting ready to be portrayed on Channel 9 News about our DSPD," said Denham Springs Mayor Jimmy Durbin.

On January 4th, after complaints against Kreamer and a reduction in his monthly number of arrests, the department placed an electronic tracker on Kreamer's police car to monitor his whereabouts.

"There was a two-day period, January 14th and January 15th, where he was punched in on duty for 13 hours and 32 minutes," said Chief Scott Jones.  "In that two-day period, he was 10-6 at either bingo or IHOP for 11 hours and ten minutes."

10-6 in police language means busy.  Investigators say Kreamer would go to IHOP for hours at end, where he had an affair with a waitress.   But Kreamer claims while there, he was training his K-9 and meeting with informants.   But the amount of time is what caught his supervisors' attention.

"Some of those time frames reached 5.25 hours," said Steven Kistler.

Plus, Kreamer had a second job at a bingo hall in Denham Springs, but didn't have prior approval for that job.  

But Dirks brought up issues alleging Officer Kreamer's rights as an officer had been violated during the investigation by sloppy police work.  

"You have multiple times when a man is being questioned that's not being recorded by the department that is required by law," said Dirks.

In a 3 to 2 vote, the board decided to overturn the suspension and reinstate Kreamer as a Denham Springs officer.

Officer Kreamer will be receive compensation now for the days he was suspended.

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