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They're sexy and they know it: Sexiest men over age 50

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George Clooney George Clooney
Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas
Denzel Washington (Courtesy: Warner Bros.) Denzel Washington (Courtesy: Warner Bros.)
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Mitt Romney and Donald Trump may be rich and powerful, but they are not sexy... at least the AARP doesn't seem to think so.

The organization just released their list of the 21 sexiest men over age 50.

No surprises at the top of the list. George Clooney takes the number one spot. Antonio Banderas is number two and Denzel Washington comes in third.

The rest of the list is below:

1.George Clooney

2.Antonio Banderas

3.Denzel Washington

4.Jon Bon Jovi

5.Samuel L. Jackson

6.Yo-Yo Ma

7.Mario Van Peebles

8.Liam Neeson

9.Brian Williams

10.Viggo Mortensen

11.George Strait

12.John Irving

13.James Brolin

14.Andy Mill

15.Paul Sereno

16.Rupert Everett

17.Colin Firth

18.Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

19.Scott Bakula

20.Jon Huntsman

21.Leslie Moonves

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