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Witness: Fire destroys Blue Horse Saloon in St. Francisville

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Source: Rod Dreher Source: Rod Dreher
Source: Rod Dreher Source: Rod Dreher
Source: Rod Dreher Source: Rod Dreher

The St. Francisville community is picking up the pieces after a fire ripped through several historic buildings today. Residents say it was quick action by firefighters and a great community that kept more history from being lost.

"There's going to be a very substantial fire loss. And, other than knowing that the fire started in portion of the building, that's all I can tell you," said Thomas Robinson, St. Francisville Fire Chief.

When the St. Francisville Fire Department got to the Blue Horse Saloon this morning, the flames were roaring. It didn't take long before the historic building landmark was burnt to a crisp.

"It was the 3-V café when I was growing up here, and I don't know what it was before that," said Chief Robinson.

"The little gift shop was actually a dance hall back in the 20s or 30s, and it's a shame to lose it," said Dawn Savell, owner of Bohemianville Antique shop.

While residents were shocked to see such a beloved part of St. Francisville's history destroyed, some refused to stand by and watch more of the town's history burn. Just one thin wall separated the burning Blue Horse Saloon from Dawn Savell's Bohemianville Antique Shop.

"The people in this community were here before me bringing stuff out, so I don't think we even lost anything," said Savell. "Just thanks to everybody who has been so helpful. This community is just wonderful."

Another nearby business owner, Laurie Welsh, says she wasn't surprised by her neighbors actions.

"I think the cool think about St. Francisville is that sense of community. When something happen, everybody pitches in," said Laurie Welsh, owner of the St. Francisville Inn.

A way of life that St. Francisville residents hope will last forever.

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