The fastest way to a brighter, whiter smile

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Going to the dentist has never been something most people put high up on their favorite things to do.  That is unless it's to get a whiter, brighter looking smile.  The fact is, people have more options today than ever. Laser teeth whitening is one of the newest treatments dentist have to offer.

Dr. Tom Foster says, laser teeth whitening has a clear advantage over other procedures like zoom which he also does. "The actual bleaching with the zoom takes about 45 minutes, with this one it's 4 minutes and it's done."

Zoom teeth whitening has been around a while now and is still considered an effective way to whiten teeth. For people with sensitive teeth, there's a small risk of achiness after either procedure. It's because of the bleach.   But with laser whitening, Foster says there's less chance because the procedure requires a slightly less potent bleach.   It also pushes the bleach deeper into the tooth. "We're finding with the laser it's a better bleaching and more thorough bleaching."

In most cases, that means whiter teeth.  For most laser patients, the average is three or four shades brighter. With multiple treatments Foster says it could jump to 10 to 12.  You'll pay about a $100 more for laser teeth whitening, $500 compared to $400 for Zoom treatment. It's also cosmetic, so its not covered by insurance.  For people in a hurry though, laser teeth whitening may be just what the dentist ordered.

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