Records Reveal Interesting Pattern Concerning Accused Serial Killer

A thorough search of various documents and records now reveals something traumatic was happening to accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee just before almost all of the murders he's now charged with. FBI profilers have warned unpleasant experiences may trigger a serial killer's rage and violent tendencies. WAFB's Jennifer Hale has this exclusive report.

Accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee's work history and personal finances are a series of drastic ups and downs. One of these low points happened just before almost every murder Lee is now charged with, plus two unsolved cases. On August 22, 1992 - Lee's insurance on his 1979 Buick was cancelled. One day later, Zachary mom Connie Warner was murdered.

Fast forward to 1998 -- April 16th, Lee gets fired from Louisiana Ready Mix Cement. The next day the company cancels Lee's uniforms and tried unsuccessfully to get them back. On the 18th, Lee and his girlfriend Cassandra Green have a major fight, just hours before Randi Mebreur disappeared.

September 24, 2001 Gina Wilson Green was strangled in her Stanford Avenue home. January 11, 2002 -- Lee is fired from his job at J.E. Merit. Three days later, Geralyn De Soto is brutally murdered in her Addis home.

In mid-May of 2001, Harmony Corporation let Lee go. He then received his first unemployment check from them and five days later, LSU jogger Christine Moore is beaten to death. On May 25th, Lee received his next unemployment check and on May 31st - LSU grad Student Charlotte Murray Pace was butchered in her Sharlo town home.

July 9th the Task Force announces the same person killed both Gina and Murray. That morning, Diane Alexander is assaulted in her Breaux Bridge home. The attack gets botched when Diane's son comes home early and frightens his mother's attacker away. Three days later, Pam Kinamore is raped and killed.

In November of 2002, Lee and his wife Jackie file for bankruptcy. 72 hours later, Dene Colomb is beaten to death.

December 17th - two of Lee's vehicle plates are cancelled because of unpaid insurance bills. On Christmas Eve, Mari Ann Fowler vanishes outside a Port Allen Subway sandwich shop.

Finally, on February 17, 2003, Lee's bankruptcy request is questioned and a hearing gets scheduled. On March 1st, Bell South hires a collection agency for Lee's unpaid - $496 phone bill. On March 3rd, Carrie Yoder is kidnapped, raped and murdered.

Various records also show Lee's wife, girlfriend and sister have all filed charges against Lee throughout the past 20 years, accusing him of domestic violence and battery.