Gillis Describes Brutal Murder To Investigators

9 News has learned new, graphic details about one of the murders to which accused serial killer Sean Vincent Gillis has confessed. West Baton Rouge prosecutor Tony Clayton tells 9 News he's speaking with investigators about the murder of 36-year-old Joyce Williams.

Hunters discovered Williams' bones late January of 2000 behind the Mississippi levee, three miles down river from the Plaquemine Ferry. Sources close to the investigation say Gillis confessed to picking up Williams in late 1999. Gillis then claims he took Williams to an undisclosed field in West Baton Rouge parish, where he mutilated her body, threw her into the back of his car, rode around then dumped her body in Iberville parish.

Clayton says he wants more evidence to corroborate what Gillis has told investigators before bringing the matter before a grand jury for a possible second degree murder indictment.

Meanwhile, the other question up in the air is which parish would charge Gillis with the murder, if in fact they find enough evidence to back his confession. Regardless of whether West Baton Rouge parish or if Iberville parish would charge Gillis -- it would be District Attorney Ricky Ward's office in charge of the case.

9 News contacted Alfreda Williams, Joyce's sister, who said she had not heard this development, but is anxious to speak with Clayton. She says Joyce didn't deserve what happened to her and it saddens her that Joyce never got to meet her own grandson.