Task Force Searching For Clues In Gillis Case

The hunt continues to confirm the many murders for which accused serial killer Sean Vincent Gillis is claiming responsibility. 9 News has confirmed that members of the Task Force spent the day on River Road, scouring the area with cadaver dogs near the same area where the bodies of Donna Bennett Johnston and LSU graduate student Christine Moore were found.

The Task Force and Attorney General's Office would only confirm they were checking into information pertaining to the Gillis case. The Task Force says these searches are part of their strategy to confirm the murders that Gillis has confessed to. In fact, they say Gillis accompanied them in searches they conducted on Monday, however, they wouldn't say if he was with them on Tuesday. Gillis has been charged in five murders, but sources say he has confessed to a total of eight.

Authorities arrested Gillis early Thursday morning was arrested and charged in the murders of Katherine Hall, Johnnie Mae Williams, and Donna Bennett Johnston. After interrogating Gillis, authorities say he confessed to killing others and offered details only the killer would know. One day after his arrest, Gillis was charged in the murders of Ann Bryan and Hardee Schmidt. Sources say the latest victims Gillis has confessed to killing are Lillian Robinson, Marilyn Nevils, and Joyce Williams. However, no charges have been filed against Gillis in those cases.

Meanwhile, families of the victims are left with many unanswered questions. "Every time the phone rings, we jump. We're not expecting to hear pleasant news, but we're ready to hear what we need to hear," said Pat Dawson, Lillian Robinson's sister.

Last Friday, Dawson received the call she thought she had been waiting for almost 4 years - someone had confessed to killing her sister. However, police have yet to charge Gillis with Robinson's murder, nor have they told Dawson what Gillis had to say about Robinson's death.

"We want to know more. They have answers that we want to know," said Virginia Valentine, Robinson's sister.

The unanswered questions haunt, Robinson's seven sisters. They specifically want to know:
What was the unidentified particle found in Robinson's throat? Also was she strangled or did she drown? -- Police have listed both as her cause of death. Her family also wants to know how did Robinson's nose get broken and why was their incredibly high levels of alcohol and drugs found in her system?

Finally, Robinson's family wants to know if she was held against her will. They say her wrists appeared to have rope burns where she may have been tied up. Robinson was missing for a full month before her body was recovered, but according to the coroner's report she had only been dead for a period of four to five days.

They say these are all questions they need to have answered to before they can begin the healing process. "There's a missing link," says Dawson. "We have a void here that will never really be filled."