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Grand Hotel: Grilled Grouper with Beurre Blanc


Grilled Grouper with Beurre Blanc

- 8 oz. Grouper Filet with Skin On

- 1 tsp. Creole Spice

- 1 TBS Canola Oil

- 4 ea. Baby Carrots ( Peeled with Top)

- 4 ea. Purple Peruvian Potato (1/4" Dice)

- 2 ea. Sweet Potato (1/4" Dice)

- 2 TBS White Wine

- 1 TBS Chopped Shallot

- 1 ea. Bay Leaf

- 1 ea. Sprig of Thyme

- 5 ea. Black Peppercorns

- 4 ea. Parsley Stems

- 1 TBS Heavy Cream

- 8 oz Unsalted Butter

- Juice of 4 Lemons

- Pinch of Salt

- Garnish: Slice of Lemon with Sprig of Thyme in Center



- In a heavy bottom pot put wine, shallot, bay leaf, thyme, peppercorn and parsley, reduce on medium heat till almost dry then add cream and reduce till thick

- Pull mix off stove top and whisk in butter a little at a time till incorporated, add lemon juice and salt then strain into a warm gravy dish

- Heat grill till it is very hot, coat both sides of the fish with oil and Creole spice

- Place fish flesh side down till grill lines form then twist 180 degrees for lines to form in other direction, flip fish over and finish cooking , about 5-7 minutes

- Peel and dice both types of potato and place separate in boiling salted water till al dente, pat dry and place separately in a hot pan with butter, sauté till done but not mushy, this process will keep the color vibrant and in sharp contrast with the rest of the dish

- To plate this dish use your imagination, the colors and taste will do the rest

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