Circuit Training Regimen

CIRCUIT TRAINING is the act of going from one exercise to the next with little or no rest in between.

Full Body Circuit:
(15-20 of each exercise, repeat 2 times)

Bicep with shoulder press

Stability ball push ups

Reaching side lunges

Band-resisted lunges

Overhead triceps extension

Upper Body Circuit:
( 15-20 each, repeat 2 times)

Upright Row Bicep Curl

Bent Row Overhead Triceps Extension

Speed punch drills

Lower Body Circuit:
( 15-20 each, repeat 2 times)

Leg curls (using stability ball)

Side Lunges


Leg extensions

Standing calf raises

Overhead triceps extension

Abdominal Circuit:
(3 sets, 15-20 each, repeat 2 times)

Side Swings

Standing Diagonal Crunch

Kneeling Abdominal Crunch

Good luck on your new work out regimen! If you have any questions about the programs or perhaps any possible substitutions, call personal trainer Todd Scott at Results Personal Fitness at 241-6967 or e-mail him at Results Personal Fitness is located at 7520 Perkins Road, Suite 320.