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Cinco de Mayo: By the numbers

2016 marks the 154th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo. (Source: WikiCommons) 2016 marks the 154th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo. (Source: WikiCommons)

(RNN) - Cinco de Mayo isn't Mexican Independence Day. It marks the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, when Mexican troops defeated invading French forces during the Franco-Mexican War. 

The battle lasted only a matter of hours, but the celebration continues today in the form of Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for "The Fifth of May." 

Here's a look at Cinco de Mayo by the numbers:

2,000: Number of Mexican soldiers who defended the town of Puebla against 6,000 invading French forces.

31.8 million: The number of U.S. residents of Mexican origin, according to the 2010 Census.

70.5 million: Pounds of avocado Americans will eat on Cinco de Mayo.

20: Types of Mexican cheeses to be feasted on. Oaxaca, a white cheese from Southern Mexico, is the most prominent.

11: Percent of arable land in Mexico. Only 3 percent is irrigated.

60: Percent of Mexican farmers who produce corn, mostly used in the production or tortillas, and beans.

1925: Year Corona Extra, Mexico's best-selling beer, was first brewed.

150: Countries where Corona can be purchased.

4: Corona's rank among the best-selling beers in the world.

1795: Birth year of Jose Cuervo. Cuervo claims to be the first producer of tequila in the world.

1519: Year Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conqueror of Mexico, first set foot on the nation's soil.

1917: Mexico's constitution was ratified Feb. 5 of this year.

71: Years that the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which formed in 1929, ruled Mexico's national government.

3: Mexico is almost three times the size of Texas.

31: States in Mexico.

122.3 million: Population of Mexico as of 2013. Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country and the 11th most populous country in the world.

22 million: Estimated population of the Greater Mexico City area, the country's capital and the world's most populous city.

77: Percent of Mexican population that is Roman Catholic.

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