Tiger Truck Stop mascot still has a home in Gross Tete

GROSSE TETE, LA (WAFB) - The legal saga of Gross Tete's Tiger Truck Stop continued in District Court Thursday afternoon.

It is a struggle that has been going on for years. Animal rights groups have been petitioning the courts to have the big animal removed.

They say it is illegal for the big cat to be caged so close to the Interstate. In fact, they won a legal battle last year to have the cat removed.

Now, they asked the court to force the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to remove the cat. The judge balked and did not order the removal of the tiger Tony.

"I think the people of Grosse Tete, Iberville Parish… they love Tony. They want Tony to stay and I really don't understand what's behind the ALDF and their lawsuit. Other than that, it must be some kind of agenda," said Mike Sandlin, Tiger Truck Stop owner.

Attorneys for the animal legal defense fund would not comment after the hearing. We did offer them the opportunity to talk.

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